What Are The Applications Of The Electric Linear Actuator?

electric linear actuator

A linear actuator is the type of the actuator that is responsible for moving in the straight line. These are designed to use in the motor industry to move the loads from one place to another in the straight line. Since the electric linear actuator could only move linear motion and therefore, cannot take a turn sideways and could only move forward and backwards. The power source of these could either be compressed air or the hydraulic fluids or the electricity. All of these different power sources make the linear actuator suitable for particular kind of applications. In this article we will discuss some of the applications of the electric line actuator.

Handling of the materials:

Transportation of the various kind of materials are essential part in all kinds of the manufacturing sites and this is done by the electric linear actuator.

Robotics industry:

Robots have been designed and manufactured to provide automation in number of fields and not only do these provide the automation but are also responsible for improving the quality of the production by increasing accuracy and control. The reason why the electric linear actuator is used in the robotics is because these are excellent for providing the precision and consistency. The operators could not only control the speed but could also control the force which is applied. The electric linear actuator could be controlled to perform the combination of these movement as well.

Food industry:

All kinds of food manufacturing units require high cleanliness because of high standard protocols and therefore, these use the electric linear actuator for performing the cleaning tasks as it could be quiet and precise. Not only are these used in the food industry for cleaning tasks but are also used in the medical industries as these are made from a material which is resistant to bacteria and the corrosion. The design is also quite simple and does not have much curves for the dirt to accumulate.

Automation of the window:

Sometimes in the warehouse and the factory there is artificial ventilation but natural ventilation is also desired to control the temperature inside. The windows used in these are usually very high up and cannot be manually accessed, therefore, the electric linear actuator is used in this aspect to control the movement of the windows.

Machinery in agriculture:

Heavy equipment which is used in the agriculture is normally handled by the hydraulic linear actuator but some equipment which requires more finesse are handled by the electric linear actuator.

Solar panels:

Similar to the movement of the windows in the manufacturing units, the solar panels also required control movement to tilt them in the direction of the sun light in order to absorb the maximum sunlight. This operation is also performed effectively with the help of the electric linear actuator.


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