War of Words

When it comes to a fuel system cleaner you are going to get those who are enthusiasts and those that think it is nothing but a band aide solution that will in the end cause more trouble than what they are worth. Those that think the only solution to getting the fuel system cleaned is by getting an ultrasonic bath are in a way right, it will do the job, in fact it is the best way to deal with the problem, you get the fuel injectors cleaned and the filters replaced and the fuel rail flushed. So of course your system should be hunky dorey and as clean as a whistle, it will also cost a pretty penny to get done and in some cases the treatment is worth more than the car itself, which is why many people go with the cheaper alternative. See Wheel Alignment Melbourne for more information on fuel system and other important information on engines.  
That is to pour a bottle of fuel cleaner into the tank, it is recommended that you do this before filling the tank so that the cleaner gets a good chance at evenly mixing and doing a better job of cleaning. All the cleaners advertise that they do the same thing clean injectors, combustion chambers, inlet valves and manifolds. They are safe for catalytic convertors and oxygen sensors, they supposedly reduce fuel consumption and all work in the one tank of fuel. This does not mean going and buying several different brands and putting them all in the one tank, you will have to test them all out separately over a decent length of time, to see which one suits you the best. 
Of course if you have a car that is worth over a hundred thousand dollars then you would be crazy to put this stuff in your car, instead go to the recommended dealers who will fix and maintain your vehicle and don’t worry about the cost. It doesn’t matter what you do or what car you drive you are going to get particulates collecting on the fuel injectors, some people even recommend putting a tank of the good fuel through your tank every few months and apparently this will also clean out the injectors. According to one source, the good fuel has a cleaner additive already, whether this is true is anybody’s guess but no one disputed this claim.
All in all if you have a bit of a shit box and it is feeling flat on acceleration and lacks smooth performance then try putting a bottle of cleaner through a tank of fuel and see if you get improved performance, do what you can yourself like swapping out filters and using the good fuel instead of trying to save a couple of bucks by using the grotty fuel, be careful because sometimes the cheaper fuel has water in it, which will affect your engine performance. Go to the website to know more tips for engine parts and services and a lot more.